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Mclellan Remodel

In this 1952 Ranch Style Home, the Master Bathroom was completely transformed by expanding the room by taking square footage from a hallway and incorporating it into the bathroom.  The new bathroom included a walk-in shower with 3 shower heads, 3 massage jets and Steam function.  A heating element was installed under the new travertine floors.  The ceiling was raised to give a bright open feel and much more.  Also, the backyard patio was transformed with a huge built in barbecue with tiled coutertops and Concrete Hightop Style Bartops.

                                BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

 The hallway on the left was removed by incorporating the   square footage into the bathroom on the left that is behind the wall with the dresser.  The doorway on the right was the old closet that had the back wall opened up to create a new hallway/doorway.




Huge built in Bar-b-cue with sink, storage, frig & more         Concrete, high-top tables



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